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TOUCAN DUO DISTRIBUTION2Using specialist aerial access equipment when working at height is a smart move. But, for each job, it’s important to choose equipment that’s suited to the working conditions involved. Will you be operating mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) indoors, or outside or both? As a rule of thumb, for indoor applications choose between a stock picker, a boom lift – also known as a cherry picker – and a scissor lift. If you’re working outside, it’s either a boom lift or a scissor lift. Boom and scissor lifts are suited to applications involving both indoor and outdoor environments. Factors to consider include: • Width and height restrictions pertaining to scissor lifts as detailed in the Working at Height Regulations. Although it may be possible to take two people up to a given height indoors, it is safe for only one person to ascend to that height outdoors. • The load. Overloading a scissor lift platform can lead to destabilisation. Check the load capacity – all machines supplied by Briggs Equipment have a sign indicating the maximum load – and calculate the total weight. The combined weight of the operator(s) and any tools/equipment must not exceed the maximum permitted load. • Weather conditions. Strong winds can destabilise the scissor lift platform. • The power source. Biofuel boom lifts are recommended for outdoor handling. If the battery is low, the machine will automatically switch to running on diesel, charging the battery at the same time. • The ground/working surface(s). Scissor lifts have small wheels so can only operate safely on flat surfaces. Boom lifts have an oscillating axle so are suited to rough ground and slopes. Check for potential access issues between the designated machine drop-off point and the work environment. For advice on hiring the correct aerial access equipment for your job, contact Briggs Equipment on 0800 26 26 81.

Access at height: reaching up or out?

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