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Toucan 10E Manoeuvrability 3Using specialist equipment reduces risk when you need temporary access while working at height.  The question is, how do you choose the right machine for the job? As a rule of thumb, consider the application.  Is there a requirement to lift straight up, vertically, or to reach out, at an angle, perhaps to gain access over an obstacle?  Scissor lifts provide vertical access to a height of 19ft to 40ft.  Tools, spare parts and other equipment can be carried on the platform so long as the total weight of the operator(s) and any equipment does not exceed the machine’s maximum permitted load capacity.  You are likely to see scissor lifts deployed on construction sites, in warehouses.  Scissor lifts are also used by facilities management specialists, commercial plumbers, cleaners, and decorators, M&E contractors and security installers.  Stock pickers are commonly used facilities where there is limited space and restrictions on the floor load, such as retail and warehousing.  One person can ascend to a height of up to 12ft vertically.  Typical applications include inventory checking, general maintenance and setting up displays.  Boom lifts, also known as cherry pickers, were originally intended for use in orchards to simplify fruit picking.  One person only, with minimal additional weight, can be lifted to heights of 45ft and above.  Widely used in the construction industry, boom lifts are also well-suited to commercial window cleaning, security installation and building maintenance, and are used by utility companies to carry out repair and maintenance work.  To find out more about aerial access equipment available on flexible short-term hire contracts call Briggs Equipment on 0800 26 26 81.

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