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Hyster SnowA forklift truck should always be used for the specific role and site conditions for which it is specified. Regular use beyond set limits will result in quicker wear and damage so the truck will need replacing sooner. Customers are liable for the extra servicing, damage and repair or replacement costs, so could incur large, unexpected bills. It therefore makes sense to check your machine’s application rating and use it within the specified limits. Trucks supplied by Briggs Equipment have a ‘site plate’ – an application rating plate – which is located on the chassis by the seat. The application rating is a letter from A to E, within the site reference number, and refers to the site conditions for which the truck is specified:

  • An ‘A’ rating indicates that the truck is intended for minimum or light usage on a smooth, level floor, usually indoors
  • A ‘B’ rating refers to minimum to average truck usage in very good site conditions
  • A ‘C’ rating relates to good to average conditions and medium truck usage
  • A ‘D’ rating means the truck is suited to use on a harsh site with potholes and possible ramp work
  • An ‘E’ rating means the truck can be used in harsh conditions, in a foundry or brickyard, for example, including outdoor use on challenging surfaces

The application rating is an important part of a binding materials handling contractual agreement. If your usage has changed, and you need to upgrade your forklift trucks for use in a harsher environment, seek advice from your supplier without delay.

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