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Briggs Equipment recently donated £430 to the NASS charity, which is a local group who support those who are suffering from rare condition Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Ankylosing Spondylitis causes inflammation in the sacral joints, which can lead to fusion of the bones in the spine and neck as well as causing many other complications and secondary conditions. Every week a group meets at Cannock hospital to take part in physiotherapy-led hydrotherapy and gym sessions. The aim of this group is to help as many local people with the condition as possible, to highlight the importance of keeping moving, and help the next generation of people suffering with the condition to lead a more comfortable life.

The Finance Administration team raised £180 for the group by creating a spare change jar and collecting during the whole of 2018. A donation from Briggs of £250 brought the total to £430.

The cause is close to the teams’ hearts as the group support a family member of one of the team.

With this donation the charity will have the opportunity to finance their physiotherapy led hydrotherapy and gym sessions, which are vital for their physical health. The group aims to help as many local people with this condition as they can.

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