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Cannock based Briggs Equipment are renowned for their fundraising activities, and have supported a number of charities over recent years including The Teenage Cancer Trust, Newlife and now Alzheimer’s Research UK. Alzheimer’s Research UK is Briggs’ official charity partner for 2018-2019 and was voted for by staff. The partnership began in June 2018, and by November staff had already smashed through the original £20,000 goal. Their fundraising has now surpassed the £50,000 milestone with four months still to go until the end of the partnership.

Staff have been highly engaged with the cause as dementia is a condition that is very close to home for many members of staff at Briggs including Esther Speck, who helps to head up the charity team and is deeply involved in all charitable activity.

Esther said,It means a lot to me that we can be a part of raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK, my Nan lived with Alzheimer’s disease and it’s not the way you want to remember your loved ones.

“I don’t have many memories of my childhood without my Nan, she was with us every step of the way growing up. The least I could do, was be there for her when she didn’t really know what was going on. I would sit with her in the days near the end and just read to her when conversation was a struggle. She knew we were there for her, which is the main thing. I learnt how to crochet on the really quiet days, we would just sit together. It was very peaceful.

“My Nan did play a part in some of the trial medications that worked for some time, but never stopped the inevitable. I’d have conversations with her about the first telephones and the fact that they had the first TV in the street.”

“I hope that this money can help to make some kind of breakthrough to support others loved ones through this hard time.”

£50,000 can go a long way towards funding important dementia research, for example:

  • It can fund an entire pilot project – the testing ground for the latest ideas in dementia research.
  • It could help to support a PhD student for three years as they develop vital scientific skills needed to help us answer important questions in dementia research.
  • Or it could even fund one hundred sensitive brain scans for patients involved in a research study which would help to track effectiveness of new drug treatments, improve diagnosis and better understand how the disease affects the brain.

Katy Abraham, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “We are absolutely blown away by the incredible efforts of Briggs Equipment. Thank you to everyone there for your support! The fact that they have exceeded all expectations and achieved so much in such a short period of time is a testament to enthusiasm and dedication of the staff. Dementia is a cause that touches so many, in fact over half of the population know someone living with the condition. That’s why it’s so vital to invest in the most groundbreaking dementia research, so we can bring about much-needed life-changing treatments. With the support of companies like this one, we will make breakthroughs possible. We can’t wait to see what else Briggs goes on to achieve.”

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