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Sponsored rider Samuel Gibbs #78 and his dad enjoyed his recent visit to Buckley Barracks to ride with the 9th Regiment Royal Logistics Corps.

Sam reflects on the day; “When we arrived there was an Army Enduro competition taking place which we were able to watch, when they were finished I met some of the 9th Regiment RLC Enduro team riders including Kalem who is the Army Enduro Champion, Abbi and Liam.

We then got the chance to ride the track with our host Jon, where we came across quite a few obstacles including ditches, rocks, logs and tyres.

The team riders joined us and showed us their skills. My Dad said “you could do the tyres Sam” so I had a go and cleared it first time. After that with more confidence I rode over some logs as well. I had a great time and it has inspired me to do some Enduros now!

I would like to thank 9th Regiment Royal Logistics Corps for inviting me to ride with them and Briggs Equipment for making it possible”

Samuel and his dad with Kalem (Army Enduro Champion), Abbi and Liam.

Samuel building up the confidence to try one of the jump obstacles; tyres!



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