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Day two saw the first full days riding from the team, and they reached their next base at Penrith successfully having completed 88 miles and 3,259 feet of climbing in 5 hours and 35 minutes.

The start to the day didn’t look promising as the team were awoken by the hotel fire alarm going off at 6:30 AM. The weather wasn’t looking too kind either at this point, in fact it was absolutely lashing it down with rain.

Luckily by the time the team started riding at 8:30, the rain had cleared up a little and the riders were treated to some beautiful views cycling through some of the valleys.

The first 50 miles to Gretna Green seemed to fly, and with bellies full of carbs and team were confident for the 38 miles ahead of them. Unfortunately Kat had got a bit carried away and burnt all of her matches in the first 66 miles, and had to crawl the last 22 miles to the hotel. Thankfully the rest of the group took pity on her despite earlier antics and were kind enough to wait. Pete also admitted that he was glad the pace had eased off a bit, Adam Alderson however was practising his new climbing technique of sprinting out of the saddle uphill.

Tony did an excellent job of not getting lost or stuck today with the van and seemed to time his appearances along the way to perfection.

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Views down the valley at the start of the ride.

Spirits were high at just 35 miles in.

Andy Keyworth fixes a puncture gained just 7 miles from the end in record time.

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