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Day four saw the team cycle 75 miles and climb 5,639 feet. It was the last of the big days and was certainly tough considering that it rained for approximately 70% of the day and was quite windy.

Most of the climbing was on the front end on day four and this meant the team set off up some steep hills with sore and tight legs. Travelling over some of the moors was hard going into the wind and there was an unexpectedly steep hairpin descent that got heart rates running very high! That is with the exception of Kat, who took a good half an hour to trot down it on foot to the cheers of the rest of the team waiting patiently at the bottom. The team met the lovely Sylvie from Hako in Huddersfield for a quick refuel before setting off again at some speed through the countryside towards a very busy Sheffield. The final 20 miles were gruelling as the rain began to come down heavily and traffic was dense. There was a definite sigh of relief from the team as they reached their stop at Chesterfield.

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Despite grim conditions Pete kept spirits high.

Seven miles in and the third puncture of the trip.


The promise of a much needed recovery drink in Wetherspoons was enough to put a smile back on everybody’s faces.

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