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RAF Regular Reserve and Kawasaki team recently welcomed Nick Anderson for the Superstock 1000 championship for the remainder of the season.

We conducted a short interview with Nick to find out more about his race experience and what his hopes are.

What’s your racing past?

“I started racing when I was 16, 10 years ago now! Compared to many others I got into racing quite late but we still went down the same route as many other British Championship riders, starting on 125’s, then moving to 600’s and then on to the bigger 1000cc bikes. We had reasonable success in both the 125 championships and 600’s. In 2011 I was crowned Thundersport GB 600 stock champion, we then moved into the national championship where in 2014 I was a contender for the title. My progression onto the bigger 1000cc bike was hampered with injury and bad luck so at the beginning of the 2016 season I left the sport to focus on other things.”

How does it feel to ride the 1000cc Kawasaki compared to other bikes you have ridden in the past?

“Since I last rode back in 2016 the bike has changed immensely! The electronics is the biggest thing. The rules have been tweaked to allow teams to run more advanced electronics packages which allow the team and rider to adjust a whole bunch of different things! The bike is also more powerful, 209bhp! Which is absolute madness for a stock machine.

“What’s your plans for the remainder of the 2018 season and onto 2019? The plan for the remainder of this season is to just get out there, ride and enjoy myself. I’ve literally gone from not participating in any form of motorcycle sport for over 2 years to suddenly being up against British championship riders who haven’t gone a few weeks without riding since they were 6 years old! It’s safe to say I’m playing a game of catch up but I’m enjoying it and super grateful for the opportunity! In terms of 2019 we shall have to see, there’s a lot more going on for me aside from racing these days but if I continue to improve then you never know!”

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

“Not at the minute but they will come! I’ve been out the game for a little while so they’ve kind of been forgotten about. I used to always get on my bike from the left hand side and would always wear the same pair of Lycra shorts on race day. We racers are an odd breed!”

How did the partnership with Lee hardy racing come about?

“I’ve known Lee for a long time, we used to ride alongside each other at club level with Thundersport GB! We entered the British paddock at the same sort of time, although he was running his (then) newly formed team and I was riding. What he’s done with Lee Hardy Racing over the years is incredible and a testament to his sheer hard work, so when the opportunity arose to finish off the season with them and be a part of it all, I couldn’t say no!”

Who do you admire most?

“From a sport point of view it always used to be Rossi, I mean he is the GOAT and all of that but in recent years watching what Marquez does with a motorcycle proves that he really is an alien, and you can’t help but admire his absolute skills! Outside of sport I’d have to say my Dad. He’s taught me the importance of hard work and installed the go out and get it attitude in me.”

What’s your favourite food?

“Ice-Cream! I run a company called Nico’s Creamery where we make the stuff! If I had to choose something savoury though, it would be pizza!”

Favourite song?

“Tough one! My iPhone playlists are varied to say the least! I like anything from old school rock n’ roll to main stream R&B, it just depends how I’m feeling.”

We look forward to watching Nick for the rest of the season and wish him and the team a continuation of their success!

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