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Briggs backs Adam Ridge in the ring for a second season

We as Briggs began supporting 22 year old Adam during his debut season as a professional boxer back in summer 2017. Adam finished season one undefeated with a boxing record of 4-0 and has started season two no differently with a win back in September 2018. We have...

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Cumbernauld to Cannock – Day 5 – The Grande Finale

Day five’s trip had been hugely underestimated in the minds of our riders. Despite being only 55 miles it was 4,327 feet of climbing which over that distance, is a lot! The first ten miles were up some long steady drags, combined with some steep and long drags! The...

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Cumbernauld to Cannock – Day 4

Day four saw the team cycle 75 miles and climb 5,639 feet. It was the last of the big days and was certainly tough considering that it rained for approximately 70% of the day and was quite windy. Most of the climbing was on the front end on day four and this meant the...

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Cumbernauld to Cannock – Day 3

Day three saw the team complete just over 87 miles and climb 6,864 feet. This was the first day that the team were really starting to feel the effects of the previous days riding, and with three killer climbs waiting for them over the last 30 miles of the route, the...

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Cumbernauld to Cannock – Day 2

Day two saw the first full days riding from the team, and they reached their next base at Penrith successfully having completed 88 miles and 3,259 feet of climbing in 5 hours and 35 minutes. The start to the day didn’t look promising as the team were awoken by the...

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Cumbernauld to Cannock – Day 1

The team have had a successful day on the road so far. A 4AM start saw the team meet in Cannock ready for the 5 hour drive to Cumbernauld. Despite assuring Tony that we all travel light and would only need one suitcase each, Kat emulated Paris Hilton but with food...

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Be Safe, Home Safe.

2018 is another major milestone for Briggs Equipment in their quest to become an industry leader in Health and Safety. It marks the 5th year anniversary of their BE Safe campaign which has achieved a lot in such a short time. To mark the anniversary, later this month...

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