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KMAC – Kiss My Ass Cancer

Sean Herrick is currently preparing to do The Real Full Monty in front of a theatre full of people on 25th and 27th of March, for two nights only, to support a fabulous fundraising evening at The Gatehouse Theatre in Stafford.

To support Sean, Briggs have donated £1,000 to his cause and a number of staff members have purchased tickets to the show which have recently gone on sale via the theatre website and are selling up fast!

If you wish to book tickets for the show you can do so here.

Sean explains what inspired him to get involved with doing the show; “What initially seemed like signing up to a light hearted event in a pub in October has quickly turned into something rather serious but amazing fun. Obviously the charity itself is very important and a tremendous cause as cancer has and will affect most of us in one way or another in all of our lifetimes.

“The show has been organised by Greg Boughey, in memory of his sister Nicola Murrells who had been fighting cancer for four years when in October 2016 she was told she had nine weeks to live, her liver was riddled with tumours. Those tumours stabilised due to pioneering treatment and she beat her nine weeks. On Friday the 28th April 2017 Nicola was told she had six months to live as the cancer has spread to her brain. Nicola died on the 7th September 2017 leaving a family behind and her 5 year old daughter.

“During her fight against cancer, she also arranged a gala at Grosvenor House Hotel in London at which Olly Murs performed. 700 people attended the event and it raised over £1 Million. Greg is continuing Nicola’s work to raise money to help others with cancer, and this show is the latest initiative. I had the pleasure of meeting Greg, and I am still blown away by his sadness but what seems to be an undying energy to continue Nicola’s vision.”


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