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This is the last in the series of the Driver Solutions blogs, and discusses some simple add-ons that can increase driver comfort.

There are a variety of options that can reduce the risk of accidental damage when moving loads, however a less commonly addressed risk is that associated with the operator spending long hours sitting in an uncomfortable position. It is likely that you have encouraged display screen equipment audits within your office environment to reduce the impacts of poor posture, but have you thought about your drivers?

There are a variety of simple add-ons available that can increase driver comfort, reduce the likelihood of postural problems and their associated costs, and improve team morale as they understand their working conditions are important to you.

Here are three simple options to protect and preserve driver health:

Air suspension seat

The air suspension seat is designed to provide exceptional comfort and ride, and is built to withstand the toughest environments. It can be adjusted backwards and forwards and features lumbar support

Seatbelt and door interlock systems

These options mean that the engine will not start until the driver is in the seat with the seatbelt and cab doors closed.

Roller blinds

The roller blinds are simply located on the front and top screens of the truck, helping to reduce the impact of bright sunlight on the operator’s visibility.

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