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This is the third of five in the Driver Solution series, and discusses how the system can help avoid collisions.

In operations where there are a variety of obstacles for the driver to negotiate, or high volumes of traffic and pedestrians that may be approaching the machine, object detection solutions can provide support for the driver in identifying nearby hazards.

The system uses ultrasound to detect obstacles in 3 pre-set zones and warns the driver with an audible signal and visual proximity indication. Two side-facing sensors are used when the truck moves from a stationary position, and if an object is detected the truck will be prevented from moving forwards unless the driver presses the override button.

Primarily, only the two rear sensors will be used while the machine is moving in reverse and can be used to reduce speed automatically on detection of an object, however the side sensors become active when the machine is in a stationery position and traction is selected in either direction. If a hazard is detected within the programmable detection zone then the machine will automatically be prevented from moving.

If an object is detected this will be indicated to the driver through an audible tone and the visual display will show SL (Side Left) or SR (Side Right) to let the driver know where the obstruction is in relation to the truck. To enable the operator to move the truck they will have to press the green acknowledgement button to confirm that they are aware of the obstruction, and then they can proceed with caution.

The programmable zones can be set as per your specification for up to 8 metres.

When driving in reverse the rear sensors can detect objects at a variety of distances from the truck to let the driver know exactly how close they are getting. These can again be pre-set and provide a visual display using the green, to amber, to red lighting on the display screen.

This system can also be combined with a speed limitation technology that will automatically reduce the machine’s speed on detection of an object behind it. This not only gives the driver extra time to react, but provides a third physical warning that an object is coming into close proximity.

As a final safety measure, when the machine detects an object in the last and closest zone, the display will indicate a solid red warning and a continual audible tone will be emitted from the display. At this point the machine will automatically start to brake and the speed will be reduced to 4Kph, however the driver remains in control of the truck and, prompted by these warnings, can bring the truck to a halt.

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