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This is the fourth in the series of five Driver Solutions blogs, and it discusses how the simple use of lighting can reduce risk in high pedestrian areas.

An example of a high risk situation is where there is the combination of high pedestrian traffic and a high noise environment. This can cause accidents at blind intersections as if pedestrians are not able to see or hear that equipment is exiting an aisle they may walk out in front of it. This risk can be reduced by adding Pedestrian Awareness Lighting (PAL) along with ‘red danger zone’ lighting to your equipment. The PAL provides advance warning of an approaching vehicle to pedestrians as a bright coloured light is projected onto the floor in front of the moving vehicle. The red danger zone lighting works as a reminder to pedestrians to keep clear of a moving vehicle, ensuring they keep a safe distance from the forklift. It projects a bright red or blue line on the floor around the vehicle as a guide and can be adjusted to the distance of your choice.

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