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Hyster trucks are designed for the most demanding areas of operation in every part of the wood  industry. Specialist attachments are available to make your Hyster truck efficient from the saw mill to the drying kiln and beyond.

Hyster offers a full range of trucks, which have proven durability particularly in harsh working environments, and have a long history of effective operation in the timber industry. Superior cooling properties and optimum temperature control of the engine and hydraulics, enable Hyster trucks to excel even in the harshest applications.

The operating environment in timber materials handling involves the challenges of weather, rough and uneven surfaces, dust and dirt, both inside and outside operations – Hyster trucks are designed to cope with the whole range of environments with ease.

Space is at a premium in timber yards, and the superb manoeuvrability of Hyster trucks comes into its own, combined with excellent ease of operation.

Fruytier group has fully mastered the process of the timber industry from sourcing of round wood all the way to the delivery of the finished product. Fruytier Group provides its partners with sawn wood for structures, packaging industry, siding and outside decking in Spruce and Douglas Fir from mainly local timber sources (FSC®/PEFC). Fruytier Group is a reliable partner as well for sawmill by-products such as pellets for heating, sawdust, chips and bark.

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