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Briggs Equipment is delighted to be supporting this year’s CILT & IOM Annual Conference and Dinner, which takes place today, June 16. Since logistics, operations management and transport are very much at the heart of our economy the theme for the event is Tomorrow’s Supply Chain: Are You Ready? Introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, ‘Tomorrow’s Supply Chain, Today’ looks at how the modern supply chain is reacting to new challenges and demands. Here the reporters explore how convergences between different elements of the supply chain are improving services and also examines the challenges posed by government devolution such as the fragmentation of urban supply chains across the UK. See the full CILT progamme here. To support this initiative, we’ve worked with ITN Productions and longstanding customer Travis Perkins Group to highlight key aspects of supply chain support, materials handling solutions and asset management that adds value. As well as incorporating insight into what Travis Perkins Group needs from its materials handling partner, the video highlights how, with a solutions-driven approach and proactive customer support, Briggs is placing its customers at the heart of everything they do.

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