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Mike Ironside joined Briggs as Customer Contract Manager this time last year, and has taken the time to reflect on his experience with Briggs so far.

“I started life as a plumbing and heating engineer and self-funded my way through my certification to become a gas service engineer. This was a career I was very happy in for many years but I was then drawn, as many were in the North East of Scotland, to the big world of oil and gas. In 2010 I was given the opportunity to move into an onshore managerial role in the oil and gas sector and grabbed this with both hands as it was a role I relished the challenge in.”

“During this time I started in operations management, progressing through to account management which took me to many countries, including an overseas assignment lasting two years in sunny Australia. This brings me to where I started this story, one year on since I joined Briggs Equipment.”

“Although the introduction to a new industry is always steep, the same dynamics apply for contract and account management regardless of the industry and I found the transition an easy one. I received tremendous support from my manager and was given plenty of guidance all the way along.”

“My first week at Briggs was pretty full on. I spent two days in Cannock where I had a brief introduction to the company. I felt very welcomed by everyone I met at Briggs and immediately knew I had made the right choice.”

“As part of my induction I spent a day with a field service manager, who gave me an overview of the territory I would be covering. After meeting the local team, we spent time discussing the immediate requirements for customers within our territory and drew up a plan to implement changes.”

“One thing I am sometimes asked by customers is “Why Briggs?”. It is quite simply because here at Briggs we face new challenges every day, no two days are the same. I feel empowered and encouraged to think outside the box and be proactive instead of reactive in my approach to things.”

“Briggs has provided me with comprehensive training on all of the company’s systems, as well as detailed product and equipment training.  I very quickly picked up all the information I needed to understand the types of activities and problems that my customers might face.”

“What I really enjoy most about working at Briggs is the vast and diverse portfolio of customers, meeting new people and helping to make tangible differences to their operations. Although we are part of an international company, there is a very family orientated feel to the business, which I believe comes across in the way we approach our day-to-day interaction with customers.”

“I would encourage anybody thinking about joining Briggs to apply, it’s a great place to work with lovely people and some great perks.”

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