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Shell product imaWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Shell as our exclusive oils and lubricants supplier.

For all rental deals which include full service and maintenance and stand-alone service contracts, we will use Shell engine oils, transmission and gearbox oils, hydraulic oils and greases.

The potential knock-on effect that materials handling equipment breakdown can have on productivity and revenue means that fleet managers are continually balancing the need to achieve optimum equipment efficiency with low operating costs. Consistent use of quality oils and lubricants that offer full engine and driveline protection is therefore an important value proposition that combines extended equipment life and lower whole life running costs with optimum productivity. By working closely with equipment manufacturers to harness leading edge technology, Shell can deliver real value by creating a wide range of energy-efficient and long-life lubricants in response to end user needs.

As well as a reliable supply of quality products, this new arrangement will give us access to expert technical advice, which will help benefit our customers’ businesses as well as our own. Along with a dedicated technical helpline, Shell will provide us with its LubeAnalyst oil condition monitoring service, which acts as a health check for lubricants and machinery.

The aim is to reduce costs and add value by identifying potential oil or equipment issues before they result in damage or failures. Thanks to extended lubricant life, change-out downtimes and procurement costs are also reduced. Overall, the service will help us to minimise risks and support our customers in the safe and effective management of their materials handling fleets. This is an important collaboration designed to improve aftermarket care and is fully endorsed by NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG), which supplies all equipment from the production line with Shell products.

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