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With little pre-season practice mainly due to weather and a near full start gate of 38 riders Sam’s first race meeting was a difficult one for him struggling with gear selection in qualifying and race 1, finishing 36th and feeling less than 100% he retired from race 2 and 3.

With some more practice his second round saw him finish 22nd of 24 starters in both races and lap times closer to the leaders.

With more confidence and extensive training time on the bike, last weekend’s Saturday practice and Sundays race day saw Samuel improve his riding immensely finishing the 3 races in 15th, 13th and 14th of 22 starters and lapping much closer to the best times.

Sam’s dad Alan has put in many hours working on the bike, new piston, exhaust silencer packing, re- jetting the carburettor, new chain/sprockets, altering the gearing and tweaking the suspension to suit the rider as well as the pre and post-race maintenance. The bike is running perfect now!

More practice is planned and some expert coaching should benefit Samuel now.

Sam and his dad have also had an invite from 9 Regiment RLC to join their Enduro team’s practice session next month which we are both really looking forward to.

Gavin Wickham, Briggs Group Engineering Services Director, commented on Sam’s season, “Sam and his dad have been working really hard to progress him towards the front of the field. It’s all about the taking part and constant effort and focus always brings results as Brigg journey can clearly demonstrate. We look forward to seeing Sam develop in the sport.”

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