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Steptember_LogoThe phenomenal success of Team GB at the Olympic Games in Rio has inspired us!  In 2015 Briggs Equipment employees took part in Steptember, a fun challenge which aims to encourage people to fundraise while improving their fitness levels. We had such fun that we have decided to step up once again.  This time, however, there is an added incentive to make every step count, as we will be engaging in friendly rivalry with our parent company, Sammons Inc..  Steptember 2016 is the first Briggs International global charity challenge, and will see Briggs teams worldwide compete for the Steptember equivalent of gold, silver and bronze medals!  The challenge requires teams of four people to walk at least 10,000 steps each day for 30 days – throughout the month of September – and raise money for a host of worthy causes.  Ten thousand steps equates to around 30 minutes of walking, although participants can incorporate other activities, such as swimming, dancing and cycling, into their exercise programme.  In fact, there are 60 different activities that can be converted into steps to count towards the daily target!  For each participant Briggs Equipment is paying the £10 entry fee. Employees donate the money to a charity of their choice from a list of 14 national and regional charities.  The company has also pledged to pay £10 to each employee’s chosen charity if they complete 100,000 steps.  Another £10 is earmarked for anyone who manages 200,000 steps, and a further £20 is on offer to those who achieve a maximum score of 300,000 steps.  Each Briggs employee could therefore raise £50 for their favourite charity.  Throughout September, participants will log their daily steps, recorded by pedometer, on the Briggs Steptember Challenge website, so that everyone can join in the fun and check how the teams are performing.  Prizes will be awarded to the top three Briggs teams (with the highest average steps per team member) across the globe.  It’s September, so let’s step to it!


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